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Greetings, and welcome to my virtual garage & collectibles sale, museum, scrapbook and alternative to social media. Click on the above links or use the Menu selection at the top for a more detailed page list.

The Virtual Garage & Collectibles Sale will ebb and flow with furniture, tools, doodads, gizmos, whatsis and items for sale from a lifetime of collecting music, film, sports, automobilia and other collectibles. So please bookmark and come back often until all of my treasures are your treasures.

It is my intention that this will also be the new home of the Stevie Ray Vaughan information that I started publishing in 1992 via snail mail, and online since 1998. The software for that site became obsolete in 2003, though as of 2020 it was still up and running. It is probably living on borrowed time. will now redirect to this site.

I have often said that there are three main pleasurable components of collecting: (1) the hunt / negotiation / acquisition; (2) sharing / exhibiting / enjoying; and (3) selling. I hope this website will help me serve all those goals. With the pandemic still raging as I start this journey, this site will be the primary avenue for sharing information about some of the historical artifacts I have collected. I hope you enjoy my Virtual Museum.

Finally, this website will be my way to share photos and events with family and friends, rather than continue using FB.

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