Marble collection for sale

416 vintage marbles plus an Akro Agates box set #250 of 47 with leather pouch for a total of 463 marbles. The Bennington clay extra-large marbles date to the 1860’s. I believe most of the others date from the 1920’s to possibly as late as the 1960’s. Some are extremely pretty. Peltier, Vitro, Persian, rainbow, “helmet,” corks, corkscrew, swirl, patch, etc.

I have organized them into about 80 photos. Other than the 47 marbles in the Akro Agates set, each marble is numbered from 1 to 416 for easy reference.

I could use some help putting the correct marbles in the Akro box set. If you have a photo of a box set like this with the original marbles, I would love to see it. Or, if you see marbles in this collection that you know should be in the this box instead of some others, let me know.

The entire collection is for sale, preferably as a single lot. I have been advised generally what these are worth, but I am not a marble collector. Any advice would be appreciated. Make me an offer!

The photos should serve to adequately portray the collection, but you’ll have to look past a bit of blurriness and light reflection. A couple of photos are out of order.