SRV – Commercial Releases

Below are pictured the major audio and video releases, followed by a list of titles. Not all the releases in the list are pictured below. More detailed information on releases may be found in my book.


1983 Texas Flood

1984 Couldn’t Stand the Weather

1985 Soul to Soul

1986 Live Alive

1989 In Step

1990 Family Style (The Vaughan Brothers)

1991 The Sky Is Crying

1992 In the Beginning

1995 Greatest Hits

1997 Live at Carnegie Hall

1999 The Real Deal: Greatest Hits Vol. 2

1999 In Session (with Albert King)

1999 remastered editions of Texas Flood, Couldn’t Stand the Weather, Soul to Soul, In Step with bonus tracks added (not pictured above)

2000 Blues at Sunrise

2000 SRV The Boxed Set

2001 Live at Montreux 1982 & 1985

2002 The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan

2003 Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: Stevie Ray Vaughan

2004 Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble: The Collection, repackaging of the first three remastered albums

2007 Solos, Sessions and Encores

2010-11 Texas Flood, Couldn’t Stand the Weather, Soul to Soul, In Step, The Sky is Crying: Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs Original Master Recordings (not pictured above)

2010 Couldn’t Stand the Weather, Legacy Edition with bonus tracks (not pictured above)

2013 Texas Flood, Legacy Edition with bonus tracks (not pictured above)

2014 The Complete Epic Recordings Collection, repackaging of previously released material. UPDATE: Despite Sony stating it was previously released in the UK, it is possible “You’ll Be Mine” from El Mocambo was previously unreleased. (thanks to Paul Haye for that info)

2014 Texas Hurricane (Texas Flood, Couldn’t Stand the Weather, Soul to Soul, In Step, Family Style, The Sky is Crying) remastered vinyl and CD, Analogue Productions. One of the Acoustic Sounds box sets is a 12-LP, 200-gram, 45rpm vinyl box set of all 5 studio albums plus Family Style ($325-$400). A second box set is 6-LPs at 33rpm ($199-$280). The third box set is six Hybrid SACDs ($199-$280). The recordings are remastered from the original 1/2″ analog tapes by Sterling Sound (vs MoFi using another source and remastered in-house). For those with the equipment to benefit from this process, the 200-gram 45rpm vinyl is probably the best Stevie’s music will ever sound. Release date was March 28, 2014. They sent me a test pressing of the CSTW album. The sound is super clean, and the mix is much better than the original vinyl in my opinion. The vocal and Stevie’s guitar are in better focus, with the drums behind Stevie instead of on top. The ambiance is more woody and less tinny. The reviews are good. One long-time fan and friend of this website in Australia says: “Sound wise, night and day to anything I had on vinyl. Stevie’s voice is very well centered and the sound-stage, IMO, is flawless. The drums are crystal clear but do not overpower or intrude. Bass is very good, plenty of punch but just like the drums, fits nicely into the soundstage. It really is like rediscovering his music. There is no background noise, even at high volumes. These 200-gram releases have been very well done. I am not regretting my purchase that’s for sure.” Thanks, David.

2023 VinylMePlease (VMP) has issued a 180-gram remastered Texas Flood. The vinyl is half white and half black. You currently have to be a member of their club to order, but it may be available without a membership at a future date. IT IS NOT A LIMITED EDITION, so I would advise against paying the high prices on eBay and elsewhere. It appears the least expensive membership is $46 for a month to get the record, and then you would have to cancel to prevent the recurring monthly subscription. I do not know how their mastering compares to other releases.

1990 Pride and Joy (VHS, laserdisc, DVD)

1991 Live at the El Mocambo (VHS, laserdisc, DVD)

1995 Live From Austin (VHS, laserdisc, DVD)

1996 A Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan (all star tribute VHS, laserdisc, DVD)

2014 Rise of a Texas Bluesman: Stevie Ray Vaughan 1954-1983 (documentary DVD)

2017 Lonestar: Stevie Ray Vaughan 1984-1989 [sic] (documentary DVD). It was supposed to be titled 1984-1990, but they screwed up.

There are well over 100 hours of non-commercial video of Stevie (interviews, concerts, news broadcasts and misc.) recorded by audience members, TV stations and others around the world, and even home movies dating back to the 1950’s. It would be very time consuming to move that information from the old website to this one because of the format change. Maybe some day …