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Payments are securely handled by Stripe by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. I do not collect or store your credit card details. You can use a credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay and some other payment options depending on your location.

Please understand the following before placing your order.

PERSONALIZATION: To ensure you are happy with your purchase, tell me if you want the book personalized (inscribed) in addition to signing the book. Unfortunately, Stripe does not provide a way to incorporate this into the payment screen. Here’s how it works: I will sign every copy, but I will NOT personalize the book with your name (or someone else’s name if it is a gift) unless you send me an email saying you want me to. Email me IMMEDIATELY after you place your order. Just say, “I would like the book signed To [name].” If you just want me to sign it, you do not have to send the separate email. All copies will be signed by the author.

DELIVERY TIME: The book is in production by the printer. I am now accepting advance orders, expecting to receive and ship books near the end of MAY 2023. That is a long time to wait after paying, but I have already paid for printing, and I am waiting for the book too! Updates to the schedule will be posted on the News & Updates page of this website.

HOW DIFFERENT IS IT? It is a new edition, not a completely different book. It has approximately 21 more pages than the 2-volume edition, and other pages have new entries and different photos. It is much different than the 2008 single-volume edition.

PRICE — The first two hundred or so advance orders are discounted to $150 plus shipping. After that the price may increase. I am sensitive to the fact that not everyone can spend this much on a book, but I am taking the risk anyway. My up-front expense is tens of thousands of dollars – more than 6 times higher than the cost of the original edition! The book is priced at the low end for a limited, signed book of this size and quality.

HOW MANY COPIES? I ordered 500 copies, but the printer has an allowance that may run slightly more or less. I don’t have any control over that. The first 200 copies will be numbered. A second printing is unlikely.

TEXAS SALES TAX — I am required to collect sales tax of 8.25% on orders shipped to a Texas address.

SHIPPING COST — USPS Priority Mail is the least expensive reasonable option. (Media Mail is too slow and increases the risk of damage.) Your advance order locks in your shipping cost even if it means I lose money. I am sorry it is so expensive to ship overseas – I cannot do anything about that.

OUT OF U.S. CUSTOMS FEES, DUTY & TAXES- For books shipped outside the USA, I do not collect or pay your country’s customs fees, duty or tax. If there is any such charge, it is the buyer’s responsibility to pay it. The export documents will be marked “printed matter” or “book” and declared for $150.

INSURANCE — Automatically insured for up to $100 in the US and $150 overseas. Insurance is not going to pay for pushed corners.

DAMAGE IN TRANSIT — I will double-box the book and I am exploring other steps to insure the boxes are not crushed, but I cannot guarantee corners won’t get pushed (bent) due to rough handling by the carrier. I am taking every reasonable precaution while keeping shipping cost as low as possible.

THANK YOU! I have devoted the better part of 30 years to all things SRV. I appreciate your support!

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  3. After you order, if you want me to personalize the book with your name or another name, email me.


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