Other Music Collectibles

This page has music memorabilia for sale other than the Stevie Ray Vaughan items which have their own page. I can ship anywhere in the world. All prices are exclusive of shipping and 3% handling that I have to pay to the payment processor. You are always welcome to make an offer on multiple items.

There are four sections on this page, listed below. Click on them to jump directly to the section you want to see first, or just scroll down the whole page to make sure you do not miss anything cool:


The Beatles concert ticket stub for Houston, Texas, August 19, 1965. $450.

Paul McCartney signed concert program, includes Linda McCartney and the rest of the band. Obtained by a VIP pass holder in Lexington, KY, in February 1990. The pass is on the front of the program, and also includes the ticket stub (not shown). I believe the program is complete. Rare to find Paul’s signature with proof of how it was obtained. Full band autograph sets including Linda are also difficult to find. $1,750.

The Beatles Yellow Submarine lunch box from the late 1960’s with thermos. As pictured. The thermos does not rattle, indicating the glass is unbroken, which is a common problem. Fall eBay sale of similar set was almost $400. My price $375, which is what I paid years ago.

The Beatles Anthology, 8 VHS tape sets in original slipcase. Best documentary on The Beatles, produced by Apple Records with the cooperation of the three surviving Beatles and Ono. $20

The Beatles in Mono CD box set. Limited digitally remastered thirteen CD box set that contains the 10 albums originally released by The Beatles in mono (1963’s Please Please Me up through 1968’s The White Album) plus two further discs of mono singles masters. As an added bonus, the mono Help! and Rubber Soul discs also include the original 1965 stereo mixes, which have not been previously released on CD. These albums will be packaged in mini-vinyl CD replicas of the original sleeves with all original inserts and label designs retained. At the beginning of the ’60s, stereophonic recordings were just coming into their own but many households didn’t own stereophonic record players. In most cases, an album would originally be mixed in mono for mass consumption and then separately mixed in stereo for those with modern equipment. As the ’60s wore on, mono mixes became secondary over stereo and then were eventually abandoned altogether. The Beatles’ first 10 albums were mixed twice: once in mono and then in stereo. The mono mixes were sometimes strikingly different to the stereo mixes, which has ensured their collectability over the years. This box contains all the officially released Beatles mono mixes in one limited edition box set.  $135.

(left) The Beatles HELP! Deluxe Book/DVD Boxed Set. Wonderful  set is complete with two DVDs, hard covered book (lots of photos), reprint of the original Help! script, reprint complete set of Help! lobby cards, reprint of Help! British quad movie poster. All in slip case with interior wrapping and shrink wrap. Shrink is open, but looks like this was never played. STILL SEALED and in original shipping box. $50

(right) The Beatles in Stereo box set. Digitally remastered 17 disc box set (16 CDs + DVD) containing all 14 original Beatles albums released between 1963 and 1970 plus the two CD Past Masters collection of non-album tracks and a bonus DVD containing all the mini documentaries that can be found as enhanced tracks on each of the individual CD releases. The documentaries contain archival footage, rare photographs and never-before-heard studio chat from The Beatles, offering a unique and very personal insight into the studio atmosphere. The albums have been remastered at Abbey Road Studios in London utilizing state of the art recording technology alongside vintage studio equipment, carefully maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the original analogue recordings. Within the CDs’ new packaging, the booklet includes detailed historical notes along with informative recording notes. $175.

  • The Beatles “Eight Days A Week” DVD Blu-Ray box set. Oscar-winning director Ron Howard explores the history of The Beatles through the lens of the group’s concert performances, from their early days playing small clubs in Liverpool and Hamburg to their unprecedented world tours in packed stadiums around the globe, from New York to Melbourne to Tokyo. Available now, the acclaimed film is out now on Digital Download, Blu-Ray and DVD, plus 2 Disc Special Edition on both formats. Like new. $30
  • The Beatles “1+” box set. The 27-track CD/DVD and CD/Blu-ray pairs beautifully restored videos for each song, with new stereo and 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS HD surround audio mixes. The brand new Beatles 1+ celebrates their career in over 200 minutes through 50 promotional films and videos. This includes the 27 No.1s, with the restored videos, along with a second disc of 23 videos, including alternate versions, as well as rarely seen and newly restored films and videos. New, STILL SEALED $50.
  • The Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night” Criterion Collection release. 4K digital restoration, a newly remixed 5.1 surround soundtrack, and hours of incredible supplements. $15
  • The Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night” Miramax Collectors Edition, 2-DVD set. $15
  • The Beatles “Yellow Submarine” animated movie DVD. $10 (two copies; buy first and get the still sealed copy).
  • Paul McCartney “Unplugged, the Official Bootleg” CD, numbered. $20.
  • George Harrison “All Things Must Pass” two CD set. $10.
  • This is a fairly complete collection of The Beatles CDs. $5/disc, or I will make a deal on all of them.
  • George Harrison and Eric Clapton “Live in Japan” 2-disc set. $10
  • George Harrison “All Things Must Pass.” The most monumental of all the Beatles solo projects-and one of the most critically and commercially successful-George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass here receives a complete make-over, with a complete new remastering and five new bonus tracks! Also here is a 20-page booklet annotated by George. $15.

This is a fairly complete collection of The Beatles CDs. $5 each or I will make a deal on all of them. George Harrison and Eric Clapton “Live in Japan”

JOHN LENNON – LEGEND promotional poster, 30 x 20. Please excuse glare and reflecion off the shrink wrap in photo. Near mint. $10

The Beatles, poster approximately 36 x24. Cool artwork with one of their song lyric lines. Slightly wavy from being rolled. $10 each, 2 available.

John Lennon T-shirt with lyrics from “Imagine.” Size 4XL, has been worn and washed a bit. Hang it on the wall. $5

THE BEATLES THE ULTIMATE COLLECTORS SET in presentation box. Issued in the US in the 1990’s by Master Tone (catalog # 8047). Approx 20 x 14 x 1.5 inches box. Includes (1) “Beatlemania” VHS video with over 80 minutes of rare footage of The Beatles early years; (2) “With The Beatles, The Historic Photos of Dezo Hoffman” book, 128 pages of some of the most famous images of the group; (3) five 3×10 photos of The Beatles on heavy cardstock paper; (4) CD-ROM of photos from their February 1964 first tour of the US; and (5) two advertising handbills about the set. All the contents are in near mint condition. The box is as shown in photos – very nice. $35

Paul McCartney tour VIP ticket holder promotional backpack, cloth bag and insulated, zipper bag and beach towel all in new condition, never taken out of the box except for photos. These were not sold at the shows to my knowledge but were shipped directly to me as a VIP ticket holder. Includes these items, all in new condition:

  1. Huge 60 x 35 beach towel never used or washed, still in original plastic sleeve.
  2. Backpack with embroidery. Very nice, useful item. Hang tag intact.
  3. Lightweight cloth bag with handles.
  4. Insulated, zipper-top bag for keeping things hot or cold.

$50 for all four items. $40 for all except the insulated bag.

Paul McCartney clock. This was another VIP ticket holder premium for the One to One Tour. Battery operated. I have another one that has been working perfectly for years. This one is near mint. $25

Paul McCartney tour program 1989-90, near mint condition. I got this at the show and have preserved it carefully for 30 years. $10

The Beatles Posters, all in excellent condition.

  • Promo Live at the BBC, 1994, 29.5 x 20″ $15
  • Yellow Submarine, 1999, 25 x 18″ $10
  • promo for catalog (HELP! featured), 1992, 30 x20″ $15

This is the 1970 Life Magazine in which many people learned about the breakup of The Beatles. It is the entire magazine, no pages are loose. It is currently shrink-wrapped onto acid-free foamboard, open to the article, but will be shipped without the foamboard unless you want to pay a little extra. You could leave it as is and put it in a frame. The magazine has been stored this way for many years and I really do not recall what the cover looks like. It may have an original mailing label from 1970. $10

Four magazines in excellent condition. All four $15.

The Beatles in Look magazine, 1968. This may be the most collectible Beatles magazine because of the full-page Richard Avedon psychedilic photos of each Beatle on a 4-page fold-out section, and the black & white images on the back of the color photos. Amazingly, the magazine is still intact. Rarely is one available with the fold-out pages not pulled loose. $75

The Beatles on the cover of Life magazine in August 1964, during their first American tour. The photos of Beatlemania in the article are incredible scenes. $25

The Beatles calendars various 1987-2015. Great images could be used in picture frames. $5 each or all ten for $45.

Beatles books, $4 each or all 11 for $40.

Beatles magazines, including the Lennon issue of Rolling Stone after he was murdered. All five $25.

1965 Playboy magazine, complete, with Beatles interview, Kim Novak, Donna Michelle. $35.

Paul McCartney concert tickets, two full tickets, one stub. All three $25.

Paul McCartney lithograph given to VIP ticket holders. Approximately 19 x 11.5. I have two, each is a little bit wavy along the edge, but would frame very nicely. Shows Paul taking the stage at Shea Stadium in New York. Please excuse the glare from the shrinkwrap. $10 each.

McCartney poster, promo for Tripping the Live Fantastic, 1990, 30 x 20, $25

RINGO STARR posters. 1989 Tour poster, 36 x 24, $15. 1992 Tour poster, 24 x 12.5 (staple holes in corners), $10. Both for $20.

John Lennon print 8.5 x 11 inches. War is over, if you want it. $5.

John Lennon artwork (the only thing he did well in school). Included are an exibition catalog, several price lists, ticket to the exhibition, two different calendars (2004,2005) featuring his art. All for $20.


Original JIMI HENDRIX autographed Rolling Stone magazine 1968. The magazine itself is worth quite a bit, but this is the only Volume 1, Number 7 with Hendrix on the front cover that I’ve seen signed. Classic 1960’s inscription “Stay Groovy” to Lee. Signed in black ball-point pen on the cover. The only reason I would sell a Hendrix autograph out of my personal collection is that I have three. Seventh issue of Rolling Stone, and a great image of Jimi playing on stage. The magazine is complete and in great condition. It is currently matted – in purple of course – and ready for a frame. There is no tape, glue or other adhesive holding the magazine in place, just acid-free corners on preservation matt board. Rolling Stone magazines were mailed folded in half, so this is original condition.

I bought this in 2005 from reputable auction house Ira & Larry Goldberg. At that time I showed it to noted Hendrix researcher Barry Gruden whose opinion was also that is genunine. In 2017 I got a Certificate of Authenticity from one of the largest auction houses in the world, Heritage Auctions. The Heritage COA is included in this sale. $4,995

Baseball signed by legendary British singer Joe Cocker on a Bull Durham promotional ball. Cocker sang one of the songs on the soundtrack of the baseball movie. $35

Eric Clapton collection: 2004 Crossroads Guitar Festival program (mint); 1991 Royal Albert Hall program (vg); Reptile merch catalog (mint); and small concert postcard for a show with Doyle Bramhall II opening in Dallas in the 90’s. All for $50.

Original Jimi Hendrix handbill. These original handbills from 1969 should be worth hundreds, but fortunately for you a small cache of these were found in the 1990’s, and that keeps the price down. I was with a major memorabilia dealer when he made a deal for many of these handbills from Fort Worth and Dallas. My recollection is that the seller was a merchandiser for pop concerts in the 1960’s and 1970’s, and he still had these handbills, Sonny and Cher pennants and lots of other leftovers. All pretty much still mint condition. I got to pick out one for my collection, and it’s as near mint as they come. You might find one for less, but it won’t be in any better condition. It is 11 x 8.5 inches. $150 firm, or $50 with purchase of the Hendrix autograph.

JIMI HENDRIX poster, Woodstock promo 1994, 28 x 18, $20

Elvis Preseley, three fine items. Wall clock with swinging legs (I’m not sure it still works but it looks good on the wall anyway), a Hallmark Elvis xmas ornament still in the box and a Graceland pen with a pink Cadillac that moves when you tip the pen. $10 for all three.

Collectible stamps: Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. At top is the order form, receipt and some stamps of Elvis, one each package of Marilyn and James are still sealed, four booklets of Rock and Roll stamps. Stamps are almost like cash. I’ll sell all these stamps for whatever the postage adds up to, plus $5 for making me do math. What a deal!

Buddy Holly, his first album and first single. The album cover has some seam splits, but it is pretty rare and displays very nicely. The 45 is a promotional pink lable copy of Buddy’s first record “Blue Days, Black Nights” which was in near mint condition until a bad framer got tape stuck to the lable. One of the reasons I learned how to do custom picture framing. Framed as shown $450. Records unframed $200.

SHERYL CROW. Any memorabilia from an “Austin City Limits” show is rare, and my brother went to dozens of shows and collected programs, tickets, set lists an anything else he could get his hands on. He had the most amazing “Austin City Limits” collection I’ve ever seen.

Austin City Limits operated the same way regardless who was recording: a one-sheet program folded into 4 pages, blue tickets for guaranteed admission (difficult to come by since the original studio only held about 300-400 folks), pink tickets for those willing to stand in line and hope to get a seat if the “blue” people didn’t fill the studio. That’s it for things given to the public – program and ticket.

Included in this collection are:

  1. stage-used set list for the Sheryl Crow Austin City Limits television recording on January 31, 1997, an early piece of her memorabilia. It is 8.5 x 11 and states “REVISED 5:00 P.M.” It has heavy black tape on all sides from stage use.
  2. large ticket stub for that show.
  3. program for that show.
  4. stage-used set list for the Sheryl Crow performance at the Austin City Limits Music Festival. It has heavy black tape on two sides from stage use. I’m not sure of the date on this one.

I’ll throw in the Sheryl Crow bandana from a tour in the late ’90’s I think. Would iron nicely for display, or wear it as is. Everything for $60.

LOS LONELY BOYS: These are all very early items of memorabilia, mostly from 2003 when they first were noticed outside Texas. Great music, they were one of the few new bands of the 2000’s that I was interested in. Think Stevie Ray Vaughan meets Tejano. Great harmonies from the Garza brothers.

  • Signed T-Shirt (Henry added a face and sunglasses, Ringo added his bandana. This was done for me at a show in 2003. $50
  • Signed promo CD “Real Emotions” EP with live track. Signed on the paper back insert for me in 2003. $55
  • Henry Garza guitar picks. The white one he gave me, one of the earliest custom picks, his facsimile signature on the back $30. The tortoise shell picks were made for Henry as a xmas present. Only 144 were made. I have several at $25 each.
  • Two complete copies of their Austin Chronicle cover story and five handbills for an early show in Grand Prairie, Texas, also starring J. C. Chasez and Nelly Furtado. $10 the lot.
  • Los Lonely Boys 2003 “Austin City Limits” program $1 each. Tickets $15 each includes a program.

LOS LONELY BOYS – posters. 2004 Stubbs, Austin, limited edition hand aged with fire! Every one different. 19 x 13 $30. 2004 Fillmore, San Francisco, 19 x 13, $25. 2003 La Zona Rosa, Austin, signed by artist and numbered 15/250, 17 x11, $20.

Book signed by Roseanne Cash, with the inscription “I would rob antique stores for you, Love…” $15

WALTER BECKER / STEELY DAN – Massive hardcover auction catalog of Becker’s collection, 2019. Still sealed with original shipping box. $5

The Monkees trading cards 1967. 32 of 44 in the set. All 32 cards $20.


The King of the Blues, B.B. King signed original 1970’s promotional photo, 8 x 10. Signed for me personally on B.B.’s tour bus in 1993 (see photo of me and B.B. on the bus on my Celebrity Encounters page). $100

B.B. King poster, cardboard stock, 33 x 22, featuring a show in 1992 at his first Blues Club in Memphis, Tennessee. Must be shipped flat. I got this poster from blues guitarist Smokin’ Joe Kubek in 1995. $45

The great Bonnie Raitt, signed program, ticket and backstage pass for a show in Austin, 2009. My brother and I got to meet Bonnie that night when I delivered a copy of my book to her as thanks for granting an interview. This is a great collection of items from that night. $200.

BONNIE RAITT posters. 1991 promo is 2-sided (both sides shown above) 30 x 20, $15. UK Hammersmith huge concert poster 1994, approx 40 x 30, $25.

Albert Collins signed 10 x 8 photo in red ink, “Best Wishes, Albert Collins,” and also signed by the bass player. The signed photo was taken at Nick’s Uptown on Greenville Aveneue, Dallas, TX. The 18 x 12 color photo was taken by a friend, Herman Nagelvoort in Europe, and you are not likely to see that photo anywhere else. Framed as shown $350. Unframed photos only $125.

Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, signed concert poster for 1995 show in Dallas. Gatemouth signed this for me after the show. Approximately 17 x 11. $35

Buddy Guy, one of the last of the 2nd generation blues legends. He was mentored by the great Muddy Waters. Album cover (with Stevie Ray in the background) signed for me in Memphis or Nashville 1993. It is signed “To Craig, Buddy Guy ’93.” Framed as shown $350. Unframed $125.

Jonny Lang, “Austin City Limits” TV recording program. I have several of these from when I attended the taping. $1 each

Three 1994 handbills: Buddy Guy (Antone’s 19th Anniversary), W.C. Clark (J&J Blues Bar, Ft Worth) and Storyville (Antone’s). All 3 for $3.


Willie Nelson “Austin City Limits” TV tickets. Rare.

Austin City Limits operated the same way regardless who was recording: a one-sheet program folded into 4 pages, blue tickets for guaranteed admission (difficult to come by since the original studio only held about 3-400 folks), pink tickets for those willing to stand in line and hope to get a seat if the “blue” people didn’t fill the studio. That’s it for things given to the public – program and ticket.

Ticket for the Austin City Limits television recording on March 18, 1999. $15

JOHN HIATT. 24 x 36 inches 1990 promotional poster for the album Stolen Moments, signed by John Hiatt in black marker very large, “To Steve, John Hiatt.” This poster has been rolled for decades and bears some slight creases which you can see in the photo. Also included:

  1. the stage-used set list for John Hiatt’s studio performance on December 14, 1993. It is 8.5 x 11 and has a handwritten edit, possibly by Mr Hiatt.
  2. large ticket stub
  3. program.
  4. and the signed poster.

All for $45.

Loudon Wainwright III signed records. Fabulous songwriter and actor. Early vinyl records as shown, except Album III is sold. Your choice $15 each and I will include an LWIII button and postcard. Or all 4 plus buttons and postcards $50

  • Album II
  • T Shirt
  • Final Exam
  • Jesse Don’t Like It (his political song about Jesse Helms) 45 rpm

Shawn Phillips signed records and CD inserts. Your choice $15 or all 3 for $40. Still available:

  • Second Contribution
  • Transcendence
  • Beyond Here Be Dragons (CD insert only)

Richard Thompson signed CD. $20

LYLE LOVETT “Austin City Limits” items. Any memorabilia from an Austin City Limits show is rare. There was a one-sheet program folded into 4 pages, blue tickets for guaranteed admission (difficult to come by since the original studio only held about 3-400 folks), pink tickets for those willing to stand in line and hope to get a seat if the “blue” people didn’t fill the studio. That’s it for things given to the public – program and ticket. 
Included in this lot are items from two different Lyle Lovett Austin City Limits studio recordings: 

1. the stage-used set list for the Lyle Lovett studio recording on February 20, 1995. It is 8.5 x 11 and possibly in Lyle’s handwriting, though it is a stage-used photocopy, and designates the song keys.

2. the stage-used set list for the same show, but typewritten with song keys and other information.

3. the studio-used list of backup vocalists and their position.

4. large ticket stub.

5. program.

6. stage-used set list for the Lyle Lovett studio recording on November 19, 1996. It is 8.5 x 11 and possibly in Lyle’s handwriting, though it is a stage-used photocopy, and designates the song keys.

7. large ticket stub.

8. program.

All for $50

DELBERT McCLINTON, GARY P. NUNN Austin City Limits stage SET LISTS etc.

1. the stage-used set list for the Delbert McClinton studio recording on October 29, 1992. It is 8.5 x 11 and possibly in Delbert’s handwriting, though it is a stage-used photocopy.

2. the stage-used musical notations for the same show, indicating chord progressions for several of the songs. This may be Delbert’s handwriting and is original, not a photocopy. It’s 8.5 x 11 on the back of a studio checklist.

3. large ticket stub.

4. program.

5. stage used set list for the Gary P. Nunn studio recording on December 20, 1994. It is 8.5 x 11 and has a handwritten edit that may be in Gary’s handwriting.

6. large ticket stub.

7. program.

All for $30

September 16, 1994 Austin City Limits TV taping, Little Feat stage-used set list. $30.

ELIZA GILKYSON signed CDs: Paradise Hotel (2005) and Misfits (1999). $15 each or both for $25.

Eliza Gilyson autographed muisc songbook. $25

Rare Townes Van Zandt autographed book, For the Sake of the Song. A collection of the enigmatic, legendary songwriter’s music and lyrics, with accompanying photos and artwork. John M. Lomax’s introduction begins by describing how Caddo Parish Studdard III introduced him to Van Zandt in 1966 in Austin, and goes on to postulate that he may be one of the greatest songwriters of the twentieth century–a claim that was a bit audacious at the time of this book’s publication, but one that is today accepted as a fact among folk music enthusiasts and scholars. Only 1000 were printed in 1977 in hardback. This one is signed. Unsigned paperback versions (4000 of those were printed) are several hundred dollars online. Signed hardback copies are advertised at $1100 to $2,000. My price $995.

Hardcover Steve Earle In Quotes book. Numbered 978 of only 1500 made. $75.

Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks, the classic LP 2000 Years With …. $10

THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS Favorite Cowboy Songs vinyl LP in excellent condition. $10

ARC Angels (Doyle Bramhall II, Charlie Sexton, Tommy Shannon, Chris Layton) three promo CD singles. $50

Eric Clapton “import” CDs. $15 each or both for $25.

Compact discs. $4 each except Monty Python CD-ROM game $15, Kerrville multi-disc $10 for both volumes.

MIKE WILLIAMS rare 1970’s (I believe 1977) promotional tour “blank” poster in near mint condition (as originally folded). 22 x 17. I remember listening to Mike sing and play at the Kerrville Folk Festivals. What a voice, and a great songwriter. I’ll let you figure out what “B. F. Deal” stands for! PLUS, rare B.F. Deal T-shirt (sorry the first photo is blurry), couple of stains on back might come out. Size M, but this is 1970’s M which is a small today. $45 for poster and shirt.

Concert ticket stubs: I’ll get a text list posted eventually, or just tell me which ones you want. $3 each except the Loudon Wainwright signed tickets $10 each and the David Lindley ticket $10.

Beaufort American Saxophone. This has been in my family since new in the 1920’s. Needs new pads if you’re going to play it, of course, or just hang it on the wall. Originally purchased at Chas. Parker’s Band House in Waco, Texas. $100.

Mariah Carey, 1996 and 1997 calendars. $5 each.

Andy Warhol “Stars and Legends” set of six individual prints in a folio. Like new. Prints by Neues Publishing 1990. Authorized by “The Andy Warhol Estate” Each Print 12″ x 16″. Current eBay listings range from $195-230. My price $100.

Lapel pins from Poland. I have no idea how old they are. Country Music, Reggae, Jazz, PSJ, Heavy Metal and Blues & Folk. $5.

STUFF I HAVEN’T GOTTEN BETTER PHOTOS OF YET. If you see something you are interested in, let me know. Some rare stuff and some odd stuff. Some are described briefly below with prices, but there are lots of things in this cabinet I haven’t gotten to yet.

Among these things are a Paul McCartney Remco doll $100 (not selling the set of four), ZZ Top promotional jigsaw puzzle in the original can $100 (rare), Monty Python “Meaning of Life” VHS autographed by Python Terry Jones $100, “Northern Exposure” genuine piano parts from the episode where they fling a piano with a trebuchet $25, Hallmark Beatles ornaments with stage $100, Dallas Cowboys nodder from the sixties $?, Dallas Mavericks Jason “Jet” Terry wristband $5, Jimi Hendrix drink can (empty) $4, Mel Blanc 78rpm records $?, two plastic airline lapel pins $1, Star Trek lapel pin $4, couple of Stevie Ray Vaughan pins $1, Jet magazine with B.B. King cover $5, Kenny Wayne Shepherd stage-used set list $?, Blues Brothers lapel pin (maybe two) $?, Los Lobos promotional pin $4, ZZ Top Worldwide Texas Tour press package from 1976 (rare) $?, Rolling Stones 3D glasses $10, U2 promotional condom in original box 1992 $?, several antique packages of 78rpm/Victrola needles $40, B.B. King retail unused guitar strings (3 sets I think) $5, giant Charley’s Guitar Shop guitar pick $20, A&W Peanuts Snoopy Joe Cool can (unopened) $5, Bob Wills antique cardboard fan advertising Playboy Flour $75, Leon Russell & the Newgrass Revival backpacker cloth frisbee $20, Peanuts Snoopy PEZ dispenser $5, 101 Dalmatians ceramic dog $10, three Beatles round Yellow Submarine pins/mirrors $10, collection of Hard Rock Cafe pins and matchbooks $5. Tom Waits promotional Small Change collection can/bank is not likely for sale but you can make me an offer. “$?” means I haven’t put a price on it yet. Let me know if interested.

I have MANY more autographs that I will be putting up for grabs, so come back.


(Sorry, the Number One replica in the background of the photos is not for sale. The Fender Vibroverb amp is for sale on the SRV page of this site.)

Gretsch “Billy-Bo” Jupiter Thunderbird guitar and bass. Near mint with original hardshell cases and case candy. Rock luminaries Billy F Gibbons and Bo Diddley joined forces to bring you a 21st-century version of the elusive Gretsch Jupiter Thunderbird now dubbed the Billy-Bo which was designed in ’59 by the talented Bo Diddley himself! Guitar and matching bass sold as a pair $4,500.

Fender Custom Shop 1995 matching Stratocaster and Telecaster number 49 of only 50 sets, each with original hardshell cases and case candy. The pair $8,000.

Guitar pedals: L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic D.I. “The Para DI has been one of the mainstays of live music world. It’s small enough to fit in just about any instrument case, yet the impact the Para DI makes on the sound quality of your acoustic pickups is simply profound. It’s built road tough and versatile enough to run for up to 200 hours on a single, field changeable 9V battery power or to run off of +48V phantom power, and the signal of either active or passive electronics. And you’re sure to love the way that the Para DI’s 5-band equalizer sweetens your sound.” $200 in stores; my price $150 still in original box and probably rarely if ever used.

DOD FX60 Stereo Chorus, $100 online, my price $65, still in original box.