SRV Collection

One of one – SRV Antenna Ball

Over the course of 25 years I collected perhaps the world’s largest and most important collection of SRV items on the planet, with the exception of Stevie’s main guitars and amps. The collection included the most iconic SRV stage wardrobe, one of his Marshall amplifiers, a guitar he bought and played, handwritten lyrics and notes, contracts, hundreds of concert posters, promotional material, guitar pedals he used on stage, autographs, guitar picks he used, rare photographs, records from his personal record collection, documents and other items from his personal life.

The plan was to create a public museum as part of a nonprofit foundation in Stevie’s memory. Discussions with Stevie’s brother in the early 2000’s, and events occurring since then, including the passing of my friend and ally Martha Vaughan, made it clear that I would not be able to accomplish that goal. I will never forget him telling me, “I don’t understand why anyone would want to look at that stuff. I have a bunch of Stevie’s things taking up space.”

Some years later I convinced the Grammy Museum to display many SRV items from my collection, but I was told at the last minute that Stevie’s brother did not want my collection in the exhibit. I was disappointed the fans did not get to see a better exhibit of stage wardrobe and other historic items, but at least it had the result of other things being displayed, including some of Stevie’s guitars and amps. It’s too bad it could not have been a cooperative endeavor, because it would have resulted in a much better exhibition.

Most of my collection has therefore been transferred to other stewards and fans to enjoy and perhaps share.

On the following pages you will find photos of and information about a very few of the special items from the collection – a virtual SRV museum. I will endeavor to add more items as time permits if I find that fans want to see more.