Film, Sports, Automobilia, Furnishings, Tools, Etc.

FOR SALE. Prices are exclusive of shipping (you may pick up for free in Dallas area) and 3% payment processing fee that I have to pay. So the price marked is what I am going to net.

Here are the sections on this page. You can click on them to jump to the section you want, or just scroll down the whole page to find all the cool items:

  1. Furnishings, Tools, Electronics, Clothes & Household Items
  2. Film & Hollywood Memorabilia (some autographs)
  3. Sports Collectibles (mostly autographs)
  4. Records, Compact Discs & DVD’s
  5. Toys & Books (some autographed)
  6. Automobilia


Audio/Video Cabinet & TV stand. Available separately. These 3 cabinets are stacked for storage in the photos, but they would more likely be used in a line or even in different parts of your home. They could certainly be used for other things. The bottom cabinet is 48″ wide and approximately 24″ high and 26″ deep. This was used as a wide-screen TV stand. It has two drawers (shown in the 3rd photo) and adjustable shelves. The other two cabinets are approximately 24 x 24 x 26″ and have several adjustable shelves. Please excuse that the photos were taken before they were dusted. They have not been used in some time. They are in excellent condition. $100 for the big cabinet, $45 for each of the smaller cabinets, or $175 for all three. Pick up in the Dallas, TX area.

Cameras, very good quality, Canon Elan 35mm film camera with zoom lens, Olympus OM2 film with 3 lenses plus filters. Took a lot of concert photos with these cameras. $25 each.

Also vintage (circa 1940’s) Ares Viscount film camera. My dad got this about 1946, maybe while stationed in China. This was our family camera for vacations and events through the 1980’s. Dad always shot slide film, and the images were better than any of the digital cameras I’ve owned, including a Nikon. I have the other half of the leather case, it’s just not in the picture above. $25.

I have several digital cameras available. (1) Canon EOS Rebel XT with 24-70mm and 70-200mm Canon lenses, adjustable flash attachment, etc. I’m sure my brother paid about $2,000, and $995 is a very good deal with these lenses, but I’ll take $800. (2) Canon PowerShot SX200 IS nice pocket or purse camera with good zoom. $25. (3) Sony Mavica MVC-CD500 that writes to 3″ discs, with a box full of unused discs. Would cost you several hundred NOS today. $25.

Chivas and Schlitz. The Chivas Regal gift set with glasses is old, but I don’t know how old. Unopened bottle. A similar set today would be about forty bucks. $35. PULL TAB Schlitz, five unopened cans still in the six-pack ring. Definitely dates to 1960’s or 1970’s. $10.

  • Elgin Futura circa 1957 “mystery dial” 7620 #T649511, 2.3 jewel 730. My dad wore this for many years. $200 (eBay $250-300).
  • Hamilton 9254 $50 (eBay $75-100)
  • fake R*lex. I think my dad purchased this on the street in China in the 1980’s. $25
  • Speidel band in original package. Free with Elgin or Hamliton purchase.

Glass architectural blocks in good condition. SOLD

New in box portable basketball system. Box has some wear, but never opened. $50 (pick up only).

Tent. It’s been in the box a long time. $2

Display mannequins. One has some water stain, but once something is on it you can’t tell. I used to put old T-shirts on the mannequins before displaying Stevie Ray Vaughan’s stage wardrobe on them. $125 each.

1950’s Sunbeam Mixmaster. Looks great in the kitchen. My mom made a lot of great cakes and brownies with this. $35.

Vintage telephone. It probably still works if you put a new cord on it. That’s how they used to make things. $25.

Vintage table radios, one is Bakelite and the other has a wood cabinet. If you want the model numbers, let me know and I’ll figure them out. $50 for both.

Vintage Columba record player for 33.3, 78 and 45 rpm records. No idea if it would work, but it will need a new plug and wire. This was in a console in my parents house since the 1950’s. We grew up playing records on this. $50.

P.A. System, includes head, two speakers with quality speaker stands in bags, heavy duty cables. I’ll throw in the small mixer shown next to the head. The guitar amp is NOT included. $100. Heavy duy music stand $30.

High quality New York Yankees jacket with sewn-on logo, shoulder patch, and large logo. MLB Authentics, size 3XL. $95


  • T-shirt, blue with embroidered “Yankees, logo, New York. Believed to be 2XL. $15
  • Blue practice shirt (lightweight poly) with embroidered logo, MLB Authentics, 2XL. $15
  • Blue with white side inserts, large sewn logo, MLB Authentics, believed to be 2XL. $25
  • White pinstripe shirt with printed logo, MLB Authentics, 2XL. $20
  • White jersey with blue sleeves, Starter, heavy weight material with sewn “Yankees” $30
  • Blue polo with embroidered logo, Cutter & Buck, 3XL. $15

Military style heavy, coat with lining. Spot on one pocket may clean off. Size M. $20

Overcoat with warm lining and belt. Good quality, like new. Size 40. $30

Black/Gray denim jacket, lable Expressions, size M. $20

Denim henley shirt. Size XL. $10

Very nice sweater from Wimbledon Tennis in UK. Size L. $10

University of Texas polo shirt, Size 3XL, some knapping as shown. $10

Lions Club and Shriners pins. Lions: Texas delegate 1956, Helen Keller home “October Growth Award,” membership pins with 3 chevrons. Shriners: “Circus Daddy,” 1988 Texas, Grand High Priest badge. $5 the lot.

Texas Instruments Datamath TI-2500-II calculator. It works (on/off switch has to be in just the right spot). This seems to be an odd or rare version because every reference I found online says two AA batteries, but this one takes four. Believed to be 1974. Original cost $50! Now $15 (non-working parts calculators are $20 on eBay)

Socket wrench sets: 52-piece is old but never used, still has the plastic cover over the tools inside the METAL box, and the retail cardboard sleeve. It was originally $99.99. My price $50. The other set is 29-piece down from 30 as you can see in the photo. This is an old Montgomery Ward set in plastic case. $25.

Antique Stevens Walden Inc. socket set with a couple of wrenches also. In metal hinged box. $15.

Car battery charger, Stanley Fatmax. This would probably set you back at least $100 in the store. Probably has only been used once. My price $50.


The above three photos show the major pieces of a much larger collection of all the tools and supplies you need to create custom picture frames. The wall cutter cuts mats, glass, plexiglas to size. It is a C+H Advantage G60 which you can get more information on elsewhere. The middle photo is a moulding chopper for wood frames. The last photo shows a mat cutter and a shrink-wrap machine. I also have several corner vices, metal rulers, centering rule, all types of hangers for the backs, wood filler in many colors, double-sided tape and dispenser, points and point gun, 36″ paper and dispenser for dust paper on backs, on and on. I’ll even include the custom work table. All the equipment you need to build a frame or even open a business. Depending on how much I use it before it is sold, there is a supply of wood moulding, mats in various colors, glass including some UV glass. I started framing years ago because the “pros” were destroying the value of my collectibles. I have made literally thousands of frames with this equipment. I bought it from the gallery I used to work for when they closed their frame shop. Pick up only near Dallas. Take it all for $1,000. Even used, this equipment would set you back at least double that.



Purchased directly from her family’s estate sale. Click link above for details.

JULIA ROBERTS signed Broadway Playbill. Complete original Playbill from Three Days of Rain, starring Julia Roberts on Broadway in New York in 2006. I took the photo of her signing autographs outside the theater after the show, so you are not going to see that photo anywhere else. After two shows that week I was able to get three autographs, and two are available here (I’m keeping the other one). First buyer can pick which one you want. With Ms. Roberts acting and performing less and less, there are very few opportunities now to get her autograph. $125 each or both for $200. I also have one unsigned Playbill for $5.

1961 Walt Disney’s 101 Dalmatians, original movie window card, 36 x 13.5. Framed as shown $150. Unframed $100.

SEE other Disney items in the Toys section.

Clint Eastwood, Joe Kidd, original 1972 window card, approximately 36 x 14. Tack holes in corners, but otherwise very nice condition. $50

1961 Huckleberry Hound / Quick Draw McGraw lunch box. My brother and I probably both used this box. The white patch on the Huck side is tape residue that might clean off. $50.

Lord of the Rings (animated) movie animation cell of Gandalf the wizard, hand-inked. I’ve had this since the 1980’s, and cannot find a certificate of authenticity, so sold as is with no guarantee. Great artwork for any LOTR fan. Framed as shown $35.

Original Marilyn Monroe 1955 calendar. The calendar is approximately 22 x 12. Excellent condition. Framed as shown $400. Calendar unframed $125.

PETER MAX exhibition poster. This is printed on heavy plastic (must ship flat because it cannot be rolled) and was an insert for a light box at a mall where Max was exhibiting at a gallery. Approx 36 x 18. $20


SIGNED BASEBALL #1 (baseball on right in photo above). All signatures acquired by my late brother most likely in April 1965 during the Houston Astrodome grand opening week of exhibition games between the Astros, New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles. I have family photos taken that week during a Yankees game. Being a Yankees fan, he focused on getting their autographs. Of the 40 signatures, there are at least seven Hall of Famers. Two signatures are not positively identified: one looks like Juan Quintana, another is more difficult to read. $750. Here are the signatures on this ball:

one unidentified
Aparicio,Luis Orioles HOF
BlanchardJohn Yankees
Bouton Jim Yankees
Boyer Clete Yankees
Brown Dick Orioles
CrosettiFrank Yankees “player until 1948, coach/manager until 1968”
Davis Ron Astros “may have been in the Houston organization, but did not play in ’65”
Downing Al Yankees
Ford Whitey Yankees HOF
Garagiola,Joe Yankees HOF Frick Award broadcaster Yankees 65
Gonzales,Pedro Yankees
Hall Dick Orioles
Hamilton,Steve Yankees
Howard Elston Yankees
Knowles Darold Orioles
Kubek Tony Yankees HOF Frick Award broadcasting
Linz Phil Yankees
Lopez Art Yankees
Lopez Hector Yankees
Maris Roger Yankees
Mikkelson,Pete Yankees
Miller Norm Astros
Moschito,Ross Yankees
Murray Spud Yankees batting practice pitcher/coach
Orsino John Orioles
Palmer Jim Yankees “HOF, Rookie”
Pappas Milt Orioles
Pepitone,Joe “Differs from later sigs, but matches ’62 signature on other ball”
? Quintana,Juan ? can’t find reference
Ramos Pedro Yankees
Rizzuto Phil Yankees “HOF, broadcaster Yankees 60s”
Roberts Robin Orioles HOF
Sheldon Rollie Yankees
Siebern Norm Orioles
Stafford Bill Yankees
Stottlemyre Mel Yankees
Tresh Tom Yankees
Von Hoff,Bruce Astros

SIGNED BASEBALL #2 (ball on left in photo above). All signatures acquired by my late brother at the New York Yankees - Kansas City Athletics game in July 1962. The Yankees won the World Series in '62. Signed by 23 Yankees, Mantle in the sweet spot. $900                    
Arroyo  Luis    Yankees         
Berra   Yogi    Yankees         HOF
Bouton  Jim Yankees         
Boyer   Cletis  Yankees         
Bridges MarshallYankees         
Coates  Jim Yankees         
CrosettiFrank   Yankees         
Daly    Bud Yankees         
GreenwadeTom    Yankees     "scout: Jackie Robinson, Mantle, Boyer, Murcer. Lived in KC."
Houk    Ralph   Yankees         manager
Howard  Elston  Yankees         
Linz    Phil    Yankees         
Long    Dale    Yankees         
Lopez   Hector  Yankees         
Mantle  Mickey  Yankees         HOF
Maris   Roger   Yankees         
PepitoneJoe Yankees     "Differs from later sigs, but matches '65 signature on other ball"
Reed    Jack    Yankees         
RichardsonBobby Yankees         
Skowron Bill    Yankees         
StaffordBill    Yankees         
Terry   Ralph   Yankees         
Tresh   Tom Yankees         

Signed baseball #3. Nolan Ryan signed “”To Steve, Best Wishes, Nolan Ryan.”” Steve was my brother. Our mother knew Nolan’s sister from church, and she got baseballs signed for both of us for xmas in 1988. $250

Signed baseball #4. Jim “Catfish” Hunter. Hunter was the first pitcher since 1915 to win 200 career games by the age of 31. He is often referred to as baseball’s first big-money free agent. He was a member of five World Series championship teams and elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1987. He died in 1999. Fabulous signature of a HoF’er, couldn’t ask for a better example. $100.

Signed matchbook: Mickey Mantle, signed, “”To Fran, Best Wishes, Mickey Mantle”” at a Brook Hollow Golf Club, Dallas, event on January 1, 1963 (or possibly December 31, 1962) just after winning the 1962 World Series. Signed on a Brook Hollow Golf Club matchbook. Fran is a neighbor of mine, now in her 80’s. I originally bought this from her as a gift to my brother. $200.

SEE also the Yankees clothing, jeresys and jackets in the Household & Clothes section.

Signed football and handbill: Hall of Famers Earl Campbell, Ken Stabler and Dave Casper signed football in original box, and a 8.5 x 11 inch handbill for the in-store appearance, also signed by each. $200 for both.

Mickey Mantle Rawlings glove in original box! You are not likely to find one in better condition. This was my father’s glove. The leather is still soft and luxurious. He only used it to play catch with us in the yard. He never let us use this glove (see the our glove below). One-owner, adult-owned and very well taken care of. I haven’t seen another one offered with the original box. $700 or prove to me it’s worth less.

Here’s our Mickey Mantle glove! My brother and I both used this glove. It is well-used, but maybe someone wants it because it’s a Mantle glove. $25.

Plain ol’ baseball glove in excellent condition. My guess is it dates to the 1970’s. $20. Play ball!

1990’s Cereal boxes (empty) featuring the Super Bowl Champion Dallas Cowboys (three different); Michael Jordan; and Nolan Ryan. All five for $30.

Baseball Hall of Fame busts: Babe Ruth, Joe Dimaggio and Lou Gehrig, still in original boxes. Dusty but well taken care of by my brother since 1963. $125 each or all three for $325.

New York Yankees Lou Gehrig nodder, 1989. Unfortunately, a chip out of one side, but still nods like crazy. $5

1988 Winter Olympics (Calgary) limited edition poster by renowned sports artist Bart Forbes, and personally signed by Forbes in 1988 when I visited his studio in Dallas. He said this artwork was made for ABC TV to use as a backdrop in the studio. It was not available for purchase at the Olympics. Approximately 38 x 24 unframed. There is an unsigned one on eBay for $125. My price for this signed print $100.

Women’s Pro Beach Volleyball autographed 1995 program: Karolyn Kirby and Liz Masakayan on the cover, Elaine Roque, Gail Castro, Dennie Shupryt-Knoop, Kristine Bailey, Holly McPeak, Nancy Reno, Barbara Fontana Harris and Lori Forsythe. Nice collection of signatures. $15

Game program signed inside by Kurt Rambis of the Los Angeles Lakers. I got this autograph personally. $5

Book, “The Dream Season” by Fran Harris, signed. Harris was a player for The University of Texas at Austin from 1982 to 1986. She led her team to its first and only NCAA Championship title, to date in 1986 with the first perfect season in women’s NCAA history. The team went 34-0. Harris was the leading scorer three years in a row and was the team captain in 1986. She was named to the Southwest Conference All-Decade Team, SWC Player of the Year and was two-time team MVP, selected by teammates. $10

Signed card: Ruben Sierra, Texas Rangers Alumni Alley card, signed September 2017 at The Ballpark in Arlington during Yankees series. $10

Autographed baseball card Steve Garvey. $5

Grand Opening of the Houston Astrodome, 1965 programs. My mother, father and brother attended the games and got the autographs on the ball listed for sale here. I was too young to go. Mickey Mantle hit the first home run in the Astrodome this weekend. $50 each.

New York Yankees program 1962. One has three ticket stubs taped on the scorecard, the other one has two ticket stubs. Mantle and Maris played. $35 each.

New York Yankees program 1969. Thurman Munson, Harmon Killebrew, Rod Carew. $25.

  • Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles game program October 19, 1970. Bob Hayes, Calvin Hill, Walt Garrison, Lance Rentzel, Boby Lilly, Lee Roy Jordan, Mel Renfro. Center spread loose from staples but otherwise very nice. $20
  • Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants game program, September 27, 1970. Roger Staubach, Calvin Hill, Walt Garrison, Rayfield Wright, Lilly, Joran, Harris, Pugh, Renfro, Fran Tarkenton. Near mint. $20
  • Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles game program, November 1, 1970. MARVEL COMICS COVER. Craig Morton, Staubach, Rentzel, Duane Thomas, Bob Hayes. Excellent condition $50.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles game program November 15, 1964. Don Meredith, Don Perkins, Frank Clarke, Pettis Norman, Bob Lilly, Chuck Howley, Lee Roy Jordan, Cornell Green, Mel Renfro, Irv Cross. $20.

Dallas Cowboys v St. Louis Cardinals game program, September 12, 1964. Excellent condition. $20.

Dallas Cowboys v St. Louis Cardinals game program, September 14, 1963. Don Meredith, Jordan, Lilly, Howley. $20.

Dallas Cowboys v Green Bay Packers game program, August 10, 1962. Eddie LeBaron, Don Perkins, Bob Lilly, Don Meredith, Paul Hornung, Bart Starr, Ray Nitchke, Forrest Gregg. Center spread is loose from staples, but otherwise nice. $35.

Dallas Texans vs Houston Oilers game program, November 4, 1962. The same teams met the next month for the AFL Championship, won by the Texans. $20.

Dallas-Fort Worth Spurs vs Austin Braves, Texas League Baseball game program, 1965, autographed by Don Young, Von McDaniel, George Gerberman, Frank DeMoss and Roberto Pena. Also DFW Spurs vs Arkansas Travelers, 1966. Both for $10.

Track and Field Will Rogers Indoor Games program, February 12, 1965. Autographed by Randy Matson, Olympic Gold and Silver medalist, broke shot put world record four times. $25.

Nolan Ryan baseball cards (5), plus Roger Clemens and Dwight Gooden. All seven cards $15

Dallas Cowboys Sports Illustrated magazines from the 1990’s as shown. $10 for both.

Dallas Cowboys annual magazines 1970, 1972, excellent condition. Calvin Hill and Roger Staubach covers. Both for $10.

DALLAS MAVERICKS — Items from when I was a season ticket holder:

  • Dallas Mavericks Media Guides – every stat and record you can think of. Nine guides from the 1986-87 season to the 1995-96 season. $45 for all nine.
  • Dallas Mavericks Press oversized magazines, from the Inaugural Issue through about 1988. I think it’s a complete run of about 36 issues, all in excellent condition. $150 the set. One extra Inaugural Issue $25.
  • Dallas Mavericks Press and misc other season ticket holder items: three calendars from the 1980’s, one merch catalog, four Maverick Press issues, one game program for Mavs v Celtics 1987, Jamal Mashburn flyer, Petersen’s 1988-89 magazine with Roy Tarpley on cover. $25 for all eleven items.

Michael Jordan newpaper section in Dallas Morning News regarding his retirement. $5

NBA Basketball magazines, lots of Los Angeles Lakers content. Six NBA Hoop official programs from games I attended in the 1980’s; six Sports Illustrated magazines plus three other magazines with Magic Johnson, Jabbar, Dr. J, James Worthy covers. $30 for all 15 magazines.

Nolan Ryan Hall of Fame Induction special supplement to the Dallas Morning News, 1999. $5

Dallas Stars 1999 Stanley Cup special section and front page of Dallas Morning news. $5

Olympics: two Nadia Comaneci magazines, and Seoul ’88 Sports Illustrated preview issue. $5 for all three.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 25th Anniversary issue, plus Cal Ripken and one other issue. $15 for all three.

Wimbledon Tennis program, July 5, 1991. Semi-final mens: Boris Becker, Wheaton, Stich, Stefan Edberg. Finals women (the next day): Gabriella Sabatini, Steffi Graf. $20.


CD BOX SETS: All in like-new condition:

  • Woodstock – “Three days of peace and music” 4 discs $30
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan “SRV” 4 discs, $30
  • Bruce Springsteen “Tracks” 4 discs. $35
  • Washington Square Memoirs “The Great Urban Folk Dream 1950-1970”, STILL SEALED $5
  • Buffalo Springfield 4 discs $30
  • The Byrds, 4 discs $30
  • Emmylou Harris, “Portraits” 3 discs $30
  • Bessie Smith, “The Complete Recordings Vol 1” 2 discs $10
  • Tina Turner, “The Collected Recordings 60’s to 90’s” 3 discs, $20
  • Robert Johnson, “The Complete Recordings” 2 discs $10

DVD’s and BLU-RAYs. All in excellent condition, many still sealed:

  • The Godfather and The Godfather II, Coppola Restoration Saphire Series. both for $10
  • Masters of Sex, The Complete Series, 8 discs $25 still sealed
  • Thunderball, James Bond $5
  • Dr. No, James Bond $5
  • Last Tango in Paris, Brando $8 still sealed
  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High, classic $5 still sealed
  • The Wrestler, Mickey Rourke, $5
  • Airplane, classic $5
  • Barb-Wire, Pamela Anderson $4
  • Fire on the Amazon, Sandra Bullock $4
  • Magic Mike, Channing Tatum $4
  • The Producers, Gene Wilder & Zero Mostel $5 2 discs still sealed.
  • A Streetcar Named Desire, Brando $5 still sealed

DVD’S. All in excellent condition

  • Lord of the Rings collection, all three movies, widescreen $15
  • Blues Brothers collectors edition, $4
  • Blade Runner, Director’s Cut $4
  • The Big Lebowski, Jeff Bridges $4
  • The Professional, Natalie Portman debut $4
  • Monty Python’s Life of Brian $5
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail $5
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show $4
  • Some Like It Hot, Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon $4
  • Thunderball, James Bond $4
  • Goldfinger, James Bond $4
  • Bond Girls Forever, $4
  • Young Frankenstein, Gene Wilder $4 (two copies)
  • “10” Bo Derek, Dudley Moore $4
  • Swordfish, John Travolta $4
  • Casablanca, Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman $4
  • The Sting, Paul Newman, Robert Redford $4
  • Hot Tub Time Machine Unrated $2
  • Girls in Prison, Anne Heche, Ione Skye $4
  • Meatballs, classic Bill Murray $5
  • Divine B.B., Brigitte Bardot, $4 still sealed
  • And God Created Woman, Brigitte Bardot, $4 still sealed
  • The Magnificent Seven, Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen $4
  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High, classic $4
  • Forrest Gump, 2-disc collectors edition, Tom Hanks $5
  • Desperado, Salma Hayek, Antonio Banderas $4

For the Audrey Hepburn fan. 1994 VHS Boxed Sets Collectors Edition “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with script, photos and CD. “My Fair Lady” 2-VHS tape set with fashion book. Both for $30.

SECTION 5 – TOYS & BOOKS (some autographed)

Car models I built as a teenager in the 1970’s. Various scales, some very large. Bugatti, Duesenberg, Bentley, Packard, Rolls Royce, Ford, Lincoln, Corvette, Mercer, etc. Silver Mercedes and Matchbox cars not included. No shipping – pick up only in Dallas area. $100 the lot.

DAVE BARRY, humorist. Nine very funny books, each signed by Dave. Hours of great reading to take your mind off other things. $10 each or all nine for $75.

This massive-yet-elegant celebratory anthology marks Doonesbury’s 40th anniversary by examining in depth the characters that have given the strip such vitality.
On October 26, 1970, college jock B.D. met his inept and geeky roommate, Mike. Fourteen thousand strips later, the world of Doonesbury has grown uniquely vast, sustained by an intricately woven web of relationships–over 40 major characters spanning three generations. This book opens with an in-depth essay in which G. B. Trudeau surveys his sprawling creation as only he could. The volume’s 1,800 beautifully displayed strips chronicle the key adventures and path crossings of the ever-evolving cast, from ur-characters such as Zonker, Joanie, Duke, and Honey, to relative newcomers such as Zipper, Alex, and Toggle. Dropped in throughout are 18 detailed essays in which Trudeau contemplates individual characters and groups of characters.

The book’s literal centerpiece is a four-page foldout that maps in annotated detail the mind-boggling matrix of relationships. A feast of storytelling and a clarifying overview, 40: A Doonesbury Retrospective offers a unique way to experience one of the greatest comic strips ever.

Hardback in slipcase, STILL SEALED, 695 pages. $50

Life magazine 1967 with Peanuts cover and article. When I was nine years old I was a big Peanuts fan, and my teacher had the cover pinned on the bulletin board in our room. I tried and tried to get her to give it to me, but she refused. I finally got one many years later. $10

Four photos from World War II, maybe USO Show, unidentified singer or actress. First two are 8×10, other two are 4×6. US Army stamps on back of larger photos. $20 for all four.

Walt Disney comic book for 1010 Dalmatians. Condition as shown. $5

Topps Astronaut cards 1963. 24 cards plus a checklist card. Very nice condition. All 25 cards $200.

Topps Man On the Moon cards 1969. Fifty cards in very nice condition. $75

Universal Pictures Spook Stories cards 1961! Hilarious captions on stills from old horror movies. 57 cards all for $50.

Walt Disney cards 1991. Nineteen cards in mint condition with one package (open at top). $4 for all nineteen.

Fleer Crazy Covers cards 1973. Nine covers (these are stickers and are unpeeled) plus five checklists. $5

SEE other trading cards in the Automotive section (Odd Rods & Way-Out Wheels)

$150 for $5 !! As shown.

1919 Jungle Tales of Tarzan book. Cover is a little loose. As is $10

Set of four Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit, paperbacks printed 1966 to 1974, not great condition. $3 for four books. James Bond 007 paperbacks, set of five books printed 1962-1965. $4 for five books.

BOOKS, more information following the photos:

Thinning the herd in the library. These are all great books in great condition. For now, take a look at the photo and send me a list of what you are interested in and I’ll give you a price. The more you buy, the better the deal. Lots of blues and rock history, biographies, SRV tablature set of books, Hendrix, Clapton, rare SRV books. More books to come, so come back. Eventually I’ll make a list of titles and prices, but that may be a long wait, so get ’em while they’re hot.


Might as well have a car in the garage sale! 2006 (first year) Mercedes-Benz CLS 500. $75,000 when new. Runs beautifully. Powerful and quick. Only minor cosmetic issues. 146k miles. One-owner (me), service records are complete. Recent replacement of all 4 struts, which is about the only thing you have to watch out for on these cars. $12,000.

These items were promotional gifts for Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Club VIP ticket holders in 2017. The poster is about 30 x 25 inches and is signed by the artist Barry Rowe. The jewelry box is lined on the inside. These are in the same condition as when I obtained them at the show. I had not taken them out of the tube/box except to take these photos. This may require two packages – one for the poster, and one for the jewelry box. $95, or all three sets 2017, 2018, 2019 for $250.

These items were promotional gifts for Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Club VIP ticket holders in 2018. The poster is about 30 x 25 inches and is signed by the artist Tim Layzell. The jewelry box is lined on the inside. These are in the same condition as when I obtained them at the show. I had not taken them out of the tube/box except to take these photos. This may require two packages – one for the poster, and one for the jewelry box. $95, or all three sets 2017, 2018, 2019 for $250.

These items were promotional gifts for Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Club ticket holders in 2019. The poster is about 30 x 25 inches. The jewelry box is lined on the inside. These are in the same condition as when I obtained them at the show. I had not taken them out of the tube/box except to take these photos. This may require two packages – one for the poster, and one for the jewelry box. $95, or all three sets 2017, 2018, 2019 for $250.

Two Porsche mugs, new in boxes. These were gifts at car shows in 2018 and 2019. They may be limited editions as they are both numbered on the bottom. One is a 70th anniversay mug. $15 for both.

TRW Calendar pages from 1974-1975. Calendar pages are 23 x 18. Beautiful. All ten $15.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG model, 1:43 scale. Mint. $20

Odder Odd Rods cards 1969-70 by Donruss. 63 of 66 almost a complete set, PLUS 14 duplicates and 7 from earlier series/misc. These are stickers, and only one has been peeled (#15 of the set). All 84 cards $75.

George Barris Way-Out Wheels double-sized cards 1970. 33 of 36 cards in the set, PLUS 16 duplicates. All 49 oversized cards $100.

SEE other trading cards in the Toys section.

Classic, supercar and sports car major auction catalogs. Gooding & Co., RM-Sotheby’s, Bonham’s and a few other auction house catalogs. Approximately 75 high-quality catalogs in near mint condition, some still sealed in shrink-wrap. These catalogs are printed on heavy, premium paper and are akin to museum books with professional photos and expert write-ups about each car. A veritable history of the automobile. Lots of coachbuilt classics, antiques, Ferraris and more. Pick up near Dallas, or I can box them up and send via Media Mail to make it more affordable to ship. $300 takes them all.