Stevie Ray Vaughan Collectibles for Sale

I have been collecting, buying and selling SRV memorabilia since 1990. I am not nearly as active in the marketplace as I was from 1993 to 2010 when I had a large quantity of inventory. I still come across a few special things, and I continue to downsize my own collection. Please also see my film, sports and other music collectibles on other pages of this site.


The following items are the best I currently have to offer. Some are items previously owned by Stevie Ray Vaughan.

A scarf owned and worn by Stevie Ray Vaughan. This scarf was purchased by Stevie in London in 1986 at a vintage clothing store. It is being sold with two original Polaroids of Stevie wearing this scarf, one of Stevie alone, and one with his mother Martha. Also comes with a statement of authenticity from Janna, Stevie’s girlfriend and later finacee. Note the guitar player on the scarf! $3,500.

A Mexican poncho owned and worn by Stevie Ray Vaughan. This poncho is the mate to the iconic poncho on the cover of In Step, purchased at the same time and place – a large Mexican restaurant in Dallas that had a marketplace for vendors. This is a heavy-weight, quality poncho with an attached scarf. It is in excellent condition and comes with a statement of authenticity from Janna. SOLD

Jeans owned, worn and initialed by Stevie Ray Vaughan. It was Stevie’s practice to write his initials on the inside of the pocket of his jeans to make sorting laundry easier on the road. Stevie wrote “SRV” on the pocket of these jeans. They are in excellent condition and are likely stage-worn, but they’re jeans. Maybe you can find a distinguishing mark to match with a photo. If I take the time to find a photo match, they’re going to be a lot more valuable, so strike while you can at this price. $4,000

Black slacks owned and worn by Stevie Ray Vaughan, with a statement of authenticity from Janna. The slacks are in excellent condition. They are likely stage-worn, but he may have had more than one pair of black slacks. These are not marked by Stevie like the jeans, possibly because these would not have gone into the band laundry but would have been dry cleaned. SOLD


My Books: I am almost completely sold out. (Approximately 20,500 books sold as of 6/30/2020) I have ONE set of Day by Day, Night After Night available at $100 signed and personalized to you, and ONE extra copy of “His Early Years” at $50 signed and personalized to you. When those are gone, I am sold out of ALL books. It is possible that I will have a used copy of the other books occasionally. Check back here.

1964 Fender Vibroverb amplifier and extra 1965 15″ speaker

Stevie Ray was well known for using two Fender Vibroverbs on stage throughout most of his career. His two Vibroverbs were only 36 serial numbers apart,* and this Vibroverb has a serial number between Stevie Ray’s two Vibroverbs. I know this because I have copies of Stevie’s equipment lists that show the serial numbers of his guitars and amplifiers. So, this is one of only 34 Vibroverbs made between Stevie’s stage Vibroverbs. Does that add any value? Probably not, but it is an interesting fact to distinguish this amp from other Vibroverbs. I have always thought it was kind of cool to have an amp that close to what Stevie had.

You can see the serial number of the amp and speakers in the photos. It is a 1964 Fender Vibroverb, currently with a January 1967 Jensen 15″ speaker #220702. INCLUDED in this auction is an extra 15″ February 1965 Jensen speaker #220505. To be clear – included in the price are the Vibroverb and both speakers.

I bought this amp and extra speaker from Craig’s Music in Weatherford, Texas, in 2004. It has been played no more than 6 hours in the past 15 years because I don’t gig or need the awesome power of this amp. I’m selling it because someone needs to play the heck out of this fabulous vintage amp.

In the photo of the transformers, your eyes may be better than mine but they look like (left to right):
123A7A, 606409
125C1A, 606-4-15
125P50, 606414 (power)

The amp works as of September 7, 2020, and I will update this if the condition changes. The reverb works. I believe the Vibrato works, but I don’t have easy access to a foot pedal to turn it on this morning. It worked last time I tried it. The amp is sold as is. If you can send someone to try it out in the Dallas area, they are welcome to do so.

Pick up in the DFW Texas area. If you need it shipped, I suggest you (1) buy a road case for it, (2) get the dimensions and weights of the amp (57 pounds?) and road case from the internet, (3) call a carrier and get a shipping quote (I can deliver to FedEx or UPS). To be shipped outside the US, buyer is responsible for all shipping, insurance, customs duties and taxes. $4,995

*If you are a hardcore Stevie Ray Vaughan gearhead, you’ll know that he once said in an interview that his Vibroverbs were consecutively numbered — 6 and 7. However, Stevie was mistaken. Those were single-digit production numbers stamped on a sticker inside the cabinet, not serial numbers. His Vibroverbs were 36 apart, which is still very closely matched.

2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, program and poster. Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ringo Starr, Lou Reed, Green Day, Bill Withers, Paul Butterfield and Joan Jett inductees. The back of the program is the only place you’ll see Peter Max’s artwork featuring Stevie. Program $150; poster approx 20 x 14 (one left) $150, or both for $275.

1985 Dallas Morning News Sunday supplement featuring Stevie Ray Vaughan article with very rare photos. This is very tough to find, and this one is in excellent condition. Please excuse the glare from the shrink-wrap protecting it. SOLD

SRV CD Box Set: I have one extra 4-disc box set. Excellent condition and a must-have if you do not already have one. SOLD

There are FOUR items included in this listing. From the 2000 SRV box set, a 17 x 11 inch poster on heavy card stock with an iconic image of legendary guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan playing the guitar behind his head. Note the Jimi Hendrix pin on his shirt! Also included is the counter-top promotional display sent to record stores, approximately 7 x 7 inches, easel-backed (one only; both sides shown in the photo). Also included is the easel-backed black box (back shown; still in open original shrink wrap) that held 30 posters for the record stores to give away with purchases. Also included in this listing is the paper instruction sheet for the promotional items sent to record stores. These items have been in my collection since 2000, obtained directly from the record company (I assisted with the liner notes). $40 for all 4 items; $35 for 3 items (no instruction sheet).

Exceptionally rare photographer’s lithograph from the photo shoot for the In Step artwork (excuse the glare from the glass). Signed by photographer Alan Messer and inscribed to me. I really don’t want to part with this. SOLD.

Randy Jennings signed and numbered (#2) lithograph. Stevie liked it too. Stunning image (excuse the glare from the glass). Difficult to part with. Framed $500. Unframed $200.

Stevie Ray Vaughan by John Berry, the last portraits (excuse the glare on the glass). The one on the right is called “The Final Bow,” an extremely popular image. These are signed and numbered by Berry. The images are slightly different sizes, but they are in matching frames that are the same outside dimension, so they look great hanging next to each other like I have had them for many years. I need to measure them, but I think the images are about 16×20 inches without the frame. Another set that is very difficult to part with. SOLD

1986 T-Bird Riverfest poster (about 11×17″) with a genuine stage laminated pass believed to have been Stevie’s pass. Stevie gave it to a friend who worked at a club in Houston. The poster has a ding next to Kim’s head, but the pass is not attached to the poster. SOLD

My favorite drawing of Stevie. This print is about 20×24 and has water damage at the bottom from a roof leak in my house some years ago. It could be creatively framed to hide the water damage. $45 as is, unframed.

I did an exhibition of Stevie Ray Vaughan memorabilia (3500 square feet space in downtown Dallas) for a year in 2006-07. These are what is left of the promotional posters I had made. They are in excellent condition, approximately 17 x 11 inches. They feature one of my favorite images of the legendary guitarist. Some of the posters have small banners affixed to them to advertise the extension of the exhibit for an additional six months. $5 each.

Promotional poster for the award-winning biography of legendary guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan. Near mint condition, approximately 17 x 11 inches. I will sign and personalize them in the white area if you like (specify). $3 each.

Large Exhibition Poster 2006-2007 for my collection on display in Dallas. There were made as sandwich boards to set in the hallway outside the exhibit. Approximately 36 x 24, minor wrinkles as shown. My recollection is that I had only six of these made. Great photo of Stevie. SOLD

Limited edition of 200 posters for the Grammy Museum Stevie Ray Vaughan exhibition. I have numbers 105 and 107 that I purchased at the grand opening event in 2014 in Los Angeles. Approximately 19.5 x 12. Quality heavy stock screen-printed, numbered edition. $40 each.

Hand tinted photo of Stevie Ray Vaughan and fiancee Janna Lapidus. Photo size is approximately 9.5 x 7.5 inches, matted but not framed. I really like this photo, but I have similar one in my collection. $45

My favorite SRV photo of all time, taken by an acquaintance of mine in Dallas on June 17, 1990. The mutual respect Stevie and B.B. King had for each other is evident. 14 x 11 print signed by the photographer and numbered 6/50. $100

A very nice drawing of Stevie Ray Vaughan by Paula Nemeth, numbered 5 of 10, and signed to me. 13 x 9.5 inches. SOLD

Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Real Deal: Greatest Hits 1, CD still sealed. I used to give these away at events to kids. I probably have 50-75 of these. Contact me if you are a music teacher (are there any of those left?) and will pledge to give these to kids in your classes. Free to teachers for use with your students – just pay inexpensive media mail postage.

Family Style promotional CD, rare still sealed with sticker. SOLD

Collectible Stevie Ray Vaughan VHS tapes: Back to the Beach (still sealed), Pride and Joy, Live at the El Mocambo, B.B. King & Friends with Clapton and Albert King, and the hard to find “Best of the Fest” with Stevie’s performance at the New Orleans Jazz Fest. $20 for all five.

Stevie Ray Vaughan record company promotional VHS tapes, not sold in stores:

  • “One Night in Texas” master 29:25 minutes SOLD
  • Vaughan Brothers “Video Buyways” dated August 29, 1990, 8:10 minutes $50
  • “Good Texan” promo dated Feb. 4, 1991 $25
  • Legacy Records electronic press kit 8:06 minutes, 2001 Live in Montreux promo $25
  • “Tick Tock” dated Oct 3, 1990 (Stevie’s birthday) 4:28 minutes $40
  • “Tick Tock” Panavideo promo (two copies) $20 each.
  • “Little Wing” 6:45 minutes $20
  • 3-track promo VHS still sealed $35
  • 9-track promo VHS still sealed SOLD

Stevie Ray Vaughan VH-1 “Legends” tv documentary director’s personal tape collection. There are four different tape formats in this box of 33 tapes, most being VHS. This includes the unedited interview footage of Stevie’s brother, Chris, Tommy and Doyle Bramhall, also some live footage collected from other media outlets AND rough cut and final cut of the documentary. Some interesting differences between the rough and final versions. One is titled “Director’s Reel.” I might be persuaded to throw in a copy of the unedited interview transcripts. I’m just going to keep these unless someone makes me an offer I cannot refuse.

Pride & Joy DVD with 8 music videos. This is a home duplicate copy on DVD-R. $1

Stevie Ray Vaughan – miscellaneous cards. Promotional cards for my books, #1 replicas by an artist in Missouri, SRV Memorial Ride & Concert, and Jim Hamilton’s guitars (no longer made, so don’t ask). SOLD

Stevie Ray Vaughan Live at Montreux promotional postcard, 2-sided, part of the back is a copy of Stevie’s postcard he sent from Monteux in 1982; front is a photo taken by roadie Donnie Opperman. I have a stack. Tell me how many you want at $1 for two.

Double Trouble promotional 8×10 photo by Kopana Terry. ca. 2001. $2

Stevie Ray Vaughan CD’s: Live Alive and Soul to Soul. $4 for both (not each).

Big pile of Heart of Texas Music guitar picks, given to me by the proprietor, Ray Hennig. H.O.T. is where Stevie got Number One, and it was his primary guitar shop in Austin, Texas, all the years he was there. SOLD

Two posters related to SRV: Bill Carter Loaded Dice album cover promotional poster. Stevie played on the album, 1989, approx. 12 x 24. Also Roy Cox poster, approx 11 x 17, promotional for album featuring Double Trouble, Alan Haynes, Uncle John Turner. $5 for both.