Stevie Ray Vaughan Collectibles for Sale

I have been collecting, buying and selling SRV memorabilia since 1990. I am not nearly as active in the marketplace as I was from 1993 to 2010 when I had a large quantity of inventory. I still come across a few special things, and I continue to downsize my own collection. Please also see my film, sports and other music collectibles on other pages of this site.


The following items are the best I currently have to offer. Some are items previously owned by Stevie Ray Vaughan.


Given the number of people who have asked me about signed guitars over the past 30 years, I doubt this one will last long. Guitars signed by the legendary Stevie Ray Vaughan are tough to come by these days, as most of them have disappeared into private collections for long-term enjoyment by the few who get to see them.
This one is a Stratocaster-like Squier Bullet, signed beautifully in silver paint pen directly below the bridge. One of the great aspects of this one is that it is signed such that the guitar can be hung easily in a vertical position with a simple wall-mounted guitar hanger, easily available online. Or, just set it on a guitar stand. Other pluses are that it is not inscribed to a particular fan, and the guitar is slightly smaller and lighter than other guitars.
I acquired this guitar in late 2004 and sold it almost immediately, before I even had a chance to write it up on the website! The seller in 2004 noted that he had a friend who won a contest to meet Stevie after a concert, and got the guitar signed for his buddy. After about 17 years, he decided to sell, and the current seller has had it for 19 years. So, they don’t come around often!
SOLD !!!!


More affordable picks compared to Stevie’s custom picks: Stevie’s two main guitar shops were Charley’s in Dallas, where he got the white guitar, and Heart of Texas in Austin, where he got Number One. He scooped up a handful of picks when he stopped by either store. These picks are from Stevie’s personal pick supply and are genuine Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar picks. I acquired these directly from Stevie’s roadie who worked for him from 1982-1985. They come with a Statement of Authenticity signed by me. The white Charley’s glow-in-the-dark pick is SOLD; the light blue H.O.T pick is translucent. $200 each plus s/h.


2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony program. Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ringo Starr, Lou Reed, Green Day, Bill Withers, Paul Butterfield and Joan Jett inductees. The back of the program is the only place you’ll see Peter Max’s artwork featuring Stevie. (I sold out of the posters.) Program $150.

Ticket stub to one of the most important SRV concerts he ever played – CARNEGIE HALL. There were only about 2800 seats, and finding a stub from this show is very difficult. In over 30 years I have only seen perhaps three tickets from Stevie’s Carnegie Hall show. Performing the day after his 30th birthday, Stevie was very proud to get to play in this historic venue. This stub is for a seat in the dress circle, the third level above the floor. Even up there, the price in 1984 was $15. A very rare opportunity to acquire a souvenir from a very important performance in Stevie’s career. $295

I did an exhibition of Stevie Ray Vaughan memorabilia (3500 square feet space in downtown Dallas) for a year in 2006-07. These are what is left of the promotional posters I had made. They are in excellent condition, approximately 17 x 11 inches. They feature one of my favorite images of the legendary guitarist. Some of the posters have small banners affixed to them to advertise the extension of the exhibit for an additional six months. $5 each.

Promotional poster for the award-winning biography of legendary guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan. Near mint condition, approximately 17 x 11 inches. I will sign and personalize them in the white area if you like (specify). $3 each.

Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Real Deal: Greatest Hits 1, CD still sealed. I used to give these away at events to kids. I probably have 50-75 of these. Contact me if you are a music teacher (are there any of those left?) and will pledge to give these to kids in your classes. Free to teachers for use with your students – just pay inexpensive media mail postage.

Stevie Ray Vaughan record company promotional VHS tapes, not sold in stores:

  • “One Night in Texas” master 29:25 minutes SOLD
  • Vaughan Brothers “Video Buyways” dated August 29, 1990, 8:10 minutes $50
  • “Good Texan” promo dated Feb. 4, 1991 $25
  • Legacy Records electronic press kit 8:06 minutes, 2001 Live in Montreux promo $25
  • “Tick Tock” dated Oct 3, 1990 (Stevie’s birthday) 4:28 minutes $40
  • “Tick Tock” Panavideo promo (two copies) $20 each.
  • “Little Wing” 6:45 minutes $20
  • 3-track promo VHS still sealed $35
  • 9-track promo VHS still sealed SOLD

Stevie Ray Vaughan VH-1 “Legends” tv documentary director’s personal tape collection. There are four different tape formats in this box of 33 tapes, most being VHS. This includes the unedited interview footage of Stevie’s brother, Chris, Tommy and Doyle Bramhall, also some live footage collected from other media outlets AND rough cut and final cut of the documentary. Some interesting differences between the rough and final versions. One is titled “Director’s Reel.” I might be persuaded to throw in a copy of the unedited interview transcripts. I’m just going to keep these unless someone makes me an offer I cannot refuse.

Pride & Joy DVD with 8 music videos. This is a home duplicate copy on DVD-R. $1


CLICK HERE for more infomation and to order the 2023 Revised Edition of Stevie Ray Vaughan: Day by Day, Night After Night. Limited to 504 copies worldwide.

I have a few copies of Stevie Ray Vaughan: Day by Day, Night After Night – His Final Years 1983-1990 available. They are signed by the author and I can personalize them to the buyer(s). This is the only way to get signed copies. They are $25 each plus shipping while a very limited supply lasts.