Comments – Revised SRV Biography

Received my Stevie Ray book today. It is amazing!!! I’m going to spend some time with this one!! Kix Brooks, musician, formerly of Brooks & Dunn, inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

I received my copy last week and I am just floored! What a stupendous effort! The love, hard work, and attention to detail you put into it truly makes it a Magnum Opus. I can’t add any other superlatives than that. Thank you, my friend, for all you’ve done to keep Stevie’s memory alive around the world. Jeff

I was very happy when I opened the box. That’s a surprising weight! It’s a wonderful binding. The photos are also beautifully taken. All the SRV books you have written are my treasure. I wouldn’t have been able to get to know Stevie deeply without knowing you. Tooru in Japan

The revised edition is nothing short of absolute perfection. Bravo sir! Well worth the wait! Cody

I think a lot of this information would have been lost had you not been so complete in your search. It really is astounding. Plus you’ve helped keep that flame burning when it needed to be carried by someone. Of the different books that have come out over the years your’s will always be the complete story. Rave On! Lance

You found the coolest pictures I have never seen before. The attention to detail and the entire package is an incredible accomplishment and it truly honors Stevie and his career. Rick/Mary

Wow what a book. Robert

What a treasure ❤️. You did an incredible job! Robin

I was very pleased with the amazing quality of the book. When I ordered my copy I did not expect to receive anything this great. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into publishing this great volume. Roy

Thank you so very much for all of your dedication, hard work and who knows how many hours you put into this!!!! Saralyn

A big thank you to you for to his and all your work over the years. Where would we fans be without your dedication and hard work? Warren

The book arrived, it’s absolutely wonderful!! And the wrapping and boxing could withstand a tank running over it! What a fantastic job you’ve done with the book. Amazing! Roy-Andre in Norway